• Each time I turn over the calendar’s pages,
  • there is a new landscape.
  • The seasons turn.
  • I’m happy as I recall half-forgotten memories:
  • Spring wakens me
  • Summer dazzles me
  • Autumn reveals all the colours
  • Winter brings rest, a pause.
  • There are
  • Light
  • Shadow
  • Color
  • in the breeze which brushes my cheek.
  • And I want to catch the tones of the landscape’s fragrances.
  • I want to picture the mind of nature.

Live with nature

Even if I open the window and look up at the sky in the morning, I can feel our mind being washed away by the air of the wide world. I feel the coming of season in colored trees with white clouds float. The warmth of the sun is received on the cheek, and the song of the little bird informs the time. I think nature has power such as magical.

I would like to capture the sparkle of moment and simple passage of the seasons as the breath and smell of nature for not to miss the fresh impression from dialogue with nature. I face nature obediently and express realistic. And then I would like to draw the pleasant smell wraped around that no shape such as light, wind and warmth, quietness. It’s not only visible things such as shapes and colors. And I would like to express spirituality such as hope and power(soul).

  • “Beyond the sky”

  • “Kageru spell”

  • “Signpost” A pine of miracle

Tree & Natural

I liked to draw watching things but I was not good at an imaginary drawings since I was child have learned to the drawing class. I don’t have what to be unconventional ideas by artist and unusual personality. Therefore, I decided theme of “Nature” like flowers and trees close to me that are just beautiful even replica the shapes.

When I was in university fourth guraduate, I went all over to research the huge trees at Kanto for graduation. When I saw a giant tree that lived for more than a thousand years, I felt magnificently divine. And then, I went out to Yakushima and Shirakami Mountains. I still draw the theme of nature and trees by those experience of trips impress my heart.

  • At Yakushima

  • “tree” Graduation work
    University student

  • “Shiori” Graduation work
    the master’s course of University student

Memory of time

When I was studying preservation and restoration at Tokyo art University, I used to replicate French paintings every day. It was great two years for me who was self-taught that I learn many things the basic techniques of Japanese painting how to draw a line, the characteristics of washi paper and silk, binding etc. On the other hand, both replica and restoration made me cramped very much, and I thought a lot “I want to draw freely favorite things as I like it!” In such a hectic days, I started to draw this “Series Memory of time” in earnest.

Originally, the chair and the table appeared so I called “series chair” because the image spread on it was formed. I drew it like a play with relaxing like release my cramped feeling. I would like to express what to go back to our childhood, a comfort that nostalgizes our hometown, warmth and connection in people’s lives, by adding a cute fan I found on my trip and a piano I used to play. And works of “ginkgo” and “cherry blossoms” an extension of “series trees and natures” are also the same intend. The essence I want to express doesn’t change even if the way of drawing is different.

  • “Peacock Mingo”

  • “fan”

  • “piano”

  • “A weird gift”

Starting point

Born in Nara in 1978. Office employee’s father and teacher’s mother. When I was two and a half, I moved to Omiya in Saitama by my father’s transfer. My mother left the teacher and started a painting class at home. My home will change to painting classroom every evening. There was filled with children were all over the small room, but energetic children and the teachings of cheerful mother were such a fun space. After the children went back, always my mother began a critique with me. We arranged pictures on the floor, and she said “What kind of picture does Miki-chan like?” “How is this color?” “What to do for being better?” I didn’t like well to draw picture though, but I’ve never gotten bored the daily critics.

And another daily routine, it’s a picture diary that I continued drawing almost every day from kindergarten to elementary school upper grades. My mother always prepared for me to use drawing paper, brush, pastel crayon and paints freely at any time. Thanks to these environments, I was able to grow by touching drawings naturally. This is the foundation of my drawings, and I think it is probably the reason I can keep on as an artist now. Thirty years after that, my mother is still teaching drawings.

I’m really happy that I could do what I like at work. I think it’s such a wonderful thing that my drawings make someone smile, and people say it thank you.

  • Picture diary

  • Self portrait
    “I’m 6 years old”

  • Still life
    junior high school student

  • Still life
    high school student

  • Drawing
    high school student